Man Forces His Girlfriend To Make A Heart-Breaking Decision Before They Move-In Together

Man Forces His Girlfriend To Make A Heart-Breaking Decision Before They Move-In Together

Pets are a big part of our lives and sometimes it’s hard to find a compromise in a relationship with a partner who isn’t so fond of your “pet best friends”.

Pressuring a partner to give up a dearly-loved pet, can very likely result in irreparable damage to a relationship.

Results of a survey found that for animal lovers, who would choose a pet over a partner, their pets are part of who they are. They can’t imagine life without at least one furry or feathered friend.

A girl was faced with one of these decisions when her longtime boyfriend asks her to choose him or her cats before moving in together. He thought they were disgusting and that she uses her pets as a substitute for love because she’s never been loved before.

She shares that she rescued the kittens from a shelter and the love she has for them and him are totally different.

Posting her story, she got more than 600 replies, most of them telling her that her boyfriend sounds ‘very controlling’ and that she should ‘end it’.

“Why on earth wouldn’t he allow your cats to move in with you? The argument about love sound weird and controlling.”


“He’s showing you who he really is! Definitely steer well clear”


“So many red flags. Think really carefully about moving in with him.”


“I’d end it with him. Clearly you’re incompatible. Plus, I think you’d always resent him on some level.”


What’s your opinion on it? Would you leave your pets over your significant other?


Dump him. You won’t regret giving him up.

I would NOT eliminate integral parts of my heart and family for a partner. The message his ultimatum is giving is: Change yourself, girlfriend. Then we can be together.
NO way!!

Absolutely not. Love me, love my cat. If you’re asking me to choose, you already know what the answer will be.

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