Man Gives “Dadvice” In Helpful YouTube Channel For Kids Growing Up Without A Dad

Man Gives “Dadvice” In Helpful YouTube Channel For Kids Growing Up Without A Dad

Although most people associate YouTube with music videos and content creators playing games or doing make-up videos, there are many people who dedicate their time and resources making how-to videos.

Rob Kenney is a man from Bellevue in Washington, and he’s the guy behind the popular how-to channel “Dad, how do I?”. The channel is a how-to and tutorial channel that gives practical advice on how to do everyday things, like how to tie a tie, shave your face, unclog the drain, etc.

Anyone that has been raised with an absent parent very well knows that they’ve wished the help of the parent they’re missing at one point in their life, and that’s the exact reason why Rob decided to create his channel.

Rob experienced these difficulties by himself after he was left by his dad when he was a teenager, so he wants to make sure that no other children go through the same thing as him. His YouTube channel already has more than 1.5 million subscribers, and thousands of youngsters have found his videos helpful.

Rob’s dad left his family of 8 kids, and his mom failed to cope with the stress of living with a man she didn’t get along and raising 8 kids, so she turned to alcohol.
The 14-year-old Rob was taken in by his 23-year-old brother at the time to live in a tiny mobile home, so the teenage boy (at the time) promised himself that he would never make the same mistakes his parents did. He explained in an interview that his goal in life was to raise good adults, and not to be wealthy or necessarily successful.

Rob is now a father of two, Kristine and kyle, and his children are already living their own lives. So, Rob had the time on hand, and he decided to start creating YouTube videos to give “Practical Dadvice for everyday tasks”. Needless to say, he accumulated a lot of practical know-how knowledge and wisdowm over the years, and his lessons show teenagers things they can’t learn from school.

His channel gained a lot of popularity after Facebook user Chris Hart posted his story online.

The internet immediately fell in love with this man, and thousands of people showered his channel with support and love.

Ever since his story got viral, Rob came out with a thank-you video on his channel, in which he thanked everyone for the massive support, and explained how he still can’t wrap his head around what’s going on.


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