Man Rewrites GF’s Favorite Disney Movie Into The Best Proposal Ever

Man Rewrites GF’s Favorite Disney Movie Into The Best Proposal Ever

Lee Loechler is a man that recently made one of the most creative, romantic proposals of all time.

He decided to take his girlfriend Sthuthi David to a packet thater to see her favorite movie, the Sleeping Beauty, but little did she know that he had spent more than six months altering the animation of the movie’s most iconic scene. Believe it or not, Loechler changed the characters to look like himself and his girlfriend, and he altered the storyline to set up his Big Question.
Believe it or not, this is only the beginning.

David’s face looks very confused during the scene change, so it proves that she had absolutely no clue what was about to happen. The set-up was perfect, but the magical moment came when Loechler’s animated version on the screen tossed the engagement ring to his real-life self. If this is not a proposal masterpiece, I don’t know what is.

Check out the proposal for yourself below, and we believe you will most certainly love it!

Loechler set the bar so high that even the most cynical people must give him the credit for his creativity.
The video found its way on Reddit, where everyone loved it. Many people wrote that there’s no point in any of us proposing now, because he’s out done us all.

Another user wrote that they were just gonna propose to their girlfriend in the Starbucks parking lot when they first told her they love her, but this takes things on a whole new level.


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