Man Takes Photos Of Cars Outside Planned Parenthood To Later Stalk And “Educate” Women

Man Takes Photos Of Cars Outside Planned Parenthood To Later Stalk And “Educate” Women

A man in Tucson, Arizona, has taken it upon himself to “reeducate” the women that visit his local Planned Parenthood office in an attempt to be the “morality police”.
The pro-lifer Jordan Hart admitted openly that he had been taking license plate photos of the people that enter the clinic so he can later track them down to their homes to bring “awareness and truth” about ending pregnancies.

Yes, you read that right!

This is the man:

The information about the man was spread out through a Facebook group named Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Emporium. The group wanted to aware people about Jordan, and pointed out that even though the local police are aware of his activities, they are unable or unwilling to do anything about it.

Jordan, the man himself, also commented on the same post, which proves that he is well aware of his actions:

I mean, how hypocritic the “pro-lifers” are is a baffling phenomenon.

The same people that are bravely doing anything against ending pregnancies and “pro-life” are the first to demand that universal healthcare be taken away from poor families, that people should be turned away at the border, and that laws that would control firearms should be avoided at all costs.

However, as it has been proven many times before, it’s the responses from people that manage to restore our faith in humanity.
Many commenters pointed out that the work of Planned Parenthood goes far, far beyond ending pregnancies, and the responses to Jordan have been nothing less but pure brilliance!


I doubt it will be easy for this clown to obtain registration information from the motor vehicle department from the license plate. Most states enacted such laws years ago to cut down on stalking. Records are kept, and even when a cop checks a registration, it is noted. The best way to stop this guy might be for someone’s large brother or boyfriend/girlfriend to bang him around a little.

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