Man Won’t Offer His Seat To Women On Trains Because “They Never Do The Same”

Man Won’t Offer His Seat To Women On Trains Because “They Never Do The Same”

We often hear the expression that chivalry is long gone, and even though a lot of people think so this is not really the case, writer Nirpal Singh Dhaliwal believes that chivalry has always been a “one-way street”.
The 45-year-old journalist discussed whether feminism is destroying chivalry on TV, and he said that he has stopped giving up his seat for a woman because women have never returned the favor for him.

Dhaliwal appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain a few days ago and he said that he refuses to give up his seat for women because both men and women have an equal right to it. He argued that it was a long day at work for both men and women, and there’s no discrepancy in the fares paid by the two.

He asked on the show that if the woman is physically able, why should he give up his seat for her? He added that he was confused by the modern rules of chivalry, and he believes that it’s a one-way street.

“A woman has never given up her seat for me that’s even when I’ve had a football injury and I’ve been limping down the carriage. I’ve never had a woman offer me a seat, open a door for me, pull out out a chair for me, nothing.” – he added.

He further added that he believes that if a woman is able-bodied, he shouldn’t give up his seat.
Noreen Khan, the TV presenter, said that she never expects him to give up his seat for her, but she noted that she would happily accept help from a man if needed.

“I consider myself a feminist and I would never be offended if a man was chivalrous. If he decides to open the door for me or says would you like help with your luggage, I’d say ‘yes please’ even If I haven’t asked for it,” she added.

What do you think about it? Is chivalry really gone, and how would you react if a man offered his seat on the bus for you?


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