Married Men Reveal Why They Constantly Cheat And Why They Will Never Stop Having Secret Affairs

Married Men Reveal Why They Constantly Cheat And Why They Will Never Stop Having Secret Affairs

Once the deed is done, many feel a sense of remorse for cheating on their partners.

But these two married men have revealed how they shamelessly seek out affairs and have no plans of stopping anytime soon.

Kirk* has been married for 20 years and he first started cheating on his wife few years into their marriage.

‘My partner had changed massively in her personality and she became very aggressive towards me.’

He usually cheats on his wife at least once a week. He and his mistress meet during the day.

‘The person I am seeing runs her own business and it is easier for her to arrange her day if we plan when and where ahead of time. We also have rules regarding when we can talk and how,’ he said.

Kirk says that he feels guilty about cheating on his wife, but the guilt doesn’t last long.

‘I do feel it but then I go home and something happens again and I am soon reminded why I am doing this.’

The woman he is seeing is in similar situation, married also, down to earth, a mother and a business person like him. When it comes to enjoying the connection they are both on the same page.

He also added that if he ever founds out that his wife is cheating on him, he wouldn’t mind.

Frank* has been married for 10 years and he was first unfaithful 12 months ago. He says that all relationships change in time along with people`s urges due to their health and work. For him it’s more about the physical side than anything.

He describes the meeting with his 42-year-old mistress as an ‘outlet from everyday life’.

He also doesn’t feel guilty despite the fact being a father and ‘happily’ married.

‘It’s all down to values and your psyche. Sometimes you need to be a little selfish for the greater scheme,’ he said, adding that he is likely to continue cheating for the duration of his marriage.

He feels that he and his mistress and just two normal people supplementing a side of their lives that is just lacking.

*Names changed


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