McConnell Pursued By Angry Crowd On A Parking Lot Chanting: “Where Are The Babies, Mitch?”

McConnell Pursued By Angry Crowd On A Parking Lot Chanting: “Where Are The Babies, Mitch?”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel was pursued by a group of Democratic Socialists and other angry protesters through a restaurant parking lot on Saturday, berating him with a immigration rhetoric and personal insults.

It was the second time McConnell’s private life has been disrupted in the last two weeks by a spontaneous protest, and it’s just one of the series of confrontations between powerful Republicans and people eager to shame them on camera.

McConnell’s spokesperson David Popp wrote after the incident:

“If the Leader comments on being called a fascist and a supporter of ICE by a small handful of extremist protesters then I will let you know,”

McConnel, who supports the Trump administration’s detention of families who illegally cross the border, was having lunch at Bristol Bar & Grille in his hometown of Louisville on Saturday while hundreds of people were protesting outside Louisville’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office, just a few miles from the restaurant.

The leaders of the local chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America were among them, and they spread the word that McConnel is at the restaurant on the social media as soon as they spotted him.

Some of the people were waiting in front of the restaurant with cameras, and when McConnel walked out (checkered shirt tucked into his jeans), they began to chant:
“Vote you out, vote you out!”
“Where are the children?”
“Where are the babies, Mitch?”
Turtle head!”

According to the Democratic Socialists of Louisville, the group had nothing to do with the man who called the majority leader “turtle head”, and moments later shouted: “We know where you live, too, Mitch! We know where you live! Yeah! We know where you live, Mitch!”


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