McConnell’s Campaign Boys Post Disturbing Photo Of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

McConnell’s Campaign Boys Post Disturbing Photo Of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

UPDATE: The phrase “Boys will be boys” was a shorthand interpretation of the defense released by “Team Mitch”, and it was initially published by the Daily Beast. It was later used more literally by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in a tweet reply, and the phrase was then repeated by media as if it was what McConnell’s manager literally said.


Liberals are demanding Sen. Mitch McConnell to take action after campaign supporters were pictures insulting and groping a cardboard model of AOC.
So, she asked on Twitter if he’s paying for young men to practice choking and groping members of Congress, or this is just the standard culture of #TeamMitch.

The photo shows a group of young white men in official “Team Mitch” campaign t-shirts kissing and holding the cardboard cut-out of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

One of the men even captioned the photo with “Break me off a piece of that”.

Several of the men featured in the photo above were also depicted in a photo shared by McConnell’s official campaign Instagram account, showing them holding cardboards with faces of conservative Supreme Court judges.

Trump supporters and right-wing supporters have made Ocasio-Cortez the focus of hatred, and as a young woman of color, she is often the subject of nasty insults.

McConnell had no immediate comment on the situation.

Campaign manager Kevin Golden suggested that the media is using the photo to “stereotype and publicly castigate every young person who dares to get involved with Republican politics”, and he accused national media of painting a target on their backs rather than report real and significant news in the country.

He later demanded an investigation into the “serious calls to physical misdemeanor” made against McConnel by Amy McGrath supporters, his Democratic rival.

Several of the young men are students at Lexington Christian Academy in Kentucky, and at least two of them have played on the school’s football team, reportedly.


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