Meet The Women Who Refuse To Have Babies In Order To Save The Planet

Meet The Women Who Refuse To Have Babies In Order To Save The Planet

Oonagh Dalgliesh is a 32-year-old woman who decided that she will never experience the joy of watching her baby grow up, the joy of that first crooked smile, the tentative first steps. She is certainly of child-bearing age, she has a well-paid job as an events manager, and she has been in a serious relationship for the past year with a man who definitely wants to become a father. But what made her come to that decision?

To put it simply, it was her desire to save the planet.

She explains that humans are the greatest driver of climate change in this world, of greenhouse gas contributions, of deforestation and the acidity of the oceans.

‘The only thing that will fix these problems is to have fewer people on the planet. I don’t see it’s justified to make more people than we already have. Yes, I have a maternal instinct, but I will never change my mind.’

It may seem drastic, but Oonagh is just one of the many British women who are choosing to remain child-free because they are concerned about the overpopulation on our planet. Crazy? According to them, the global population is growing by one billion every 12 to 15 years, so it is estimated that the population will grow by 30% by the year 2050.

Even though the population explosion is mostly in developing countries because of the lack of contraception and education, the issue is just as pressing in Western countries like the UK.

The Office for National Statistics stated that the net international migration was the main driver behind the growth in the past year in the UK, there were also rises in births and lower deaths. Also, they say that they are one of the most nature depleted countries in Europe, and they are losing species of wildlife at above the global average rate.

Population Matters is a British charity and is one of the leading campaigners on the subject of population control. They have thousands of members currently, both in Britain and all around the world, and they even have high-profile patrons like Sir David Attenborough, Chris Packham, and Lionel Shriver. They aim to spread the word of the dangers that over-population bring to our planet.


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