Megan Fox Put On The Spot For Sending Her Son Off To School Wearing A Dress

Megan Fox Put On The Spot For Sending Her Son Off To School Wearing A Dress

Even though we live in 2019, there are still people in this world who get worked up about a celebrity kid wearing a dress.

Megan Fox discussed on The Talk about what it’s like to get constant criticism from people about how she lets her son dress.
Many nasty trolls have left bad comments on a few of Megan Fox’s Instagram pics that show her little son Noah wearing a Princess Elsa costume, even though he looks cute as heck.

Noah is 4 years old in that photo, and now at six, he is still very interested in fashion and dresses. What’s horrible, however, is that people are still giving Megan Fox a hard time because of it.

The actress says that she has allowed Noah to go to school in whatever he wants to wear, but she notes that he will sometimes get comments about how boys don’t wear dresses and boys “don’t wear pink” even at a progressive private school in California.

Fox, however, has been teaching Noah to deal with the gender expressions and not to back down on what he loves.
Check out the interview for yourself below:

Fox told The Talk hosts that she’s now trying to teach him to be confident no matter what anyone else says.
She asked him how was his day at school and if any of the friends had anything to say, and he told her that all the boys laughed when he came in, but he was like “I don’t care, I love dresses too much”.


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