Men Paying Up To $1,000 To Get Botox Into Their “Special Place”

Men Paying Up To $1,000 To Get Botox Into Their “Special Place”

We believe men would have never even thought about getting Botox fillers or cosmetic surgery a few years back, because many people believed that cosmetic surgeries were “only for women”.

Well, time has changed, and many men are now getting work done, mostly to reverse the signs of aging. According to Men’s Health, there has been an increase of 20% in men getting Botox since 2010.

The thing is that even though most of us believe that the only place men would get such injections would be their face, there are other areas included as well, and one of them is their private parts.

Yes, even though many guys are complaining how that’s the most sensitive part of their body, some of them decided to add Botox  to make it more appealing (not sure how would they make something so not-pretty to be appealing, but whatever).

The procedure is called “Scrotox”, and it costs up to $1,000.

The principal surgeon and medical director of CALIBRE Clini, Dr. Jayson Oates, told that the most common reason they have guys asking for Scrotox is that their “special place” is tightly contracted, squeezing up, and painful. So, the relaxation offers them some relief, and it makes their privates “less wrinkly and younger”.

However, Associate Professor Peter Chin, spokesperson for Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand warned that there is a certain risk involved in getting Scrotox.

If injected incorrectly, there is a potential risk for the Botox to travel throughout the body, and it’s actually a toxin that is used to paralyze nerves in a specific area.


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