Men Say Single Mom’s Bodies Are Ruined And List Reasons Why They Wouldn’t Date Them

Men Say Single Mom’s Bodies Are Ruined And List Reasons Why They Wouldn’t Date Them

Richard Cooper is a man who, apparently, refuses to date single moms, and he provided shocking reasons why he avoids them.

Even though he has a child himself, he says that they have “questionable judgment skills” and think that “the world revolves around them”.

He also went on to share a meme which describes their bodies as “ruined”, and he said that the child will “eat your money and destroy your dreams”.

Errm, what?

The dad talks about the “hazards of dating a single mom” at an event, and his list consists of nine reasons why he believes it’s a bad idea.

His first reason is the extra heartbreak after the split, to which he says that when she goes, they go too, and you’ll never see them again, even though they might have driven you nuts, and you have double the heartbreak.

He also notes that it’s easy for single moms to end the relationship because they’ve done it before, and they can just move along. Oh, and he added that you will never be a priority for them, so he thinks one should “save himself for someone that has the capacity and the time”.

According to him, too much time is “eaten up” by the kids, and single moms think that the world revolves around her and her children. Oh, he also added that her children will work against you.
Richard also believes that single moms have a “distorted self-image” and they think that “they’re a 10 when they’re like a 6”.

Oh my… this man!

And, to make things worse, other men seem to agree with him, and say that they’re not “mentally prepared” to deal with the emotions of raising someone else’s children.


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