Men Secretly Confess Why They Hate Their Wife And Kids

Men Secretly Confess Why They Hate Their Wife And Kids

Marriage isn`t easy, it doesn’t come with a manual and it requires a lot of work. When people take their wedding vows they are happy as they can be, but the truth is at least 40% of them will end up getting divorced, and that`s a lot! Remember, that doesn’t mean that the other 60% are happily married.

We live in an age when a lot of young couples announce their engagements on social media and of course you should be happy for them (even if you are single, but who knows what their marriage is going to be in the next couple of years, let alone in the next 20 years? Most couples eventually grow apart, and that`s the reality we live in…

For better or worse?

I hate how my wife used to be hot and now she’s a disgusting cow. So embarrassing.

People tend to change with age, so I`m not sure what this guy though it would happen. Sure, we lose some of our superficial attributes when we get older, but that`s not what counts… Maybe he hasn`t heard about true love that doesn’t care if someone is young or old, honesty, being able to confide in one another in a truthful way, and the list goes on and on…

If the only reason he married her was because she was “hot” then it’s his loss. Maybe he should try to be less superficial… for starters.

Full of Hate

Hate my job.
Hate my life.
Hate my kids.
Hate my wife.
…don’t know how I do it.
Judas led me to it.

Seems like this guy blindly followed society’s expectations, you know… get married, have kids, buy a house in the suburbs, get a dog… he did it for all the wrong reasons.


I’m a single father because it’s the right thing to do. Secretly, I hate and resent my kids for robbing me of anything I enjoy.

Oh hell no, not by a long shot. He should know better the moment he decided to have kids. If he really needs to resent something, maybe he should start with his own life choices. I`m sorry to say it, but THIS IS ALL ON HIM. In no way, shape or form he should put the blame on the kids, they are innocent! Sounds to me like he should just get a babysitter and go out with his friends and have a couple of drinks.


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