Men Went Berserk After This Woman Posted A Picture Of Her Outfit Online

Men Went Berserk After This Woman Posted A Picture Of Her Outfit Online

Katy Stoll is a podcaster, writer, producer, and actor who recently tweeted out an image that she thought was innocent enough. However, she had no idea what type of Twitter storm she was starting!

She posted a picture of herself wearing a shirt which had “The Past Is Male” written on it, but it’s safe to say that her followers were not a huge fan of it.

Many people thought that she was suggesting that people forget all of the contributions males have made to this world, and only go forward with women’s accomplishments. They responded pretty harshly to her intentions:

The intentions of Katy were quite the opposite, but it seems that people couldn’t get the picture by themselves, so she had to explain it out to them.
She responded with:

“Some of your sensitive souls are concerned about my shirt! Allow me to explain. ‘The Past is Male’ doesn’t mean I hate men, it means the past was a sexist patriarchy & the future is about equality.

It’s more inclusive than the ‘future is female’ and also funny. Hope that helps!”

What is annoying is that Katy had to basically ‘mansplain’ her point, which did not need any explanation at all. There were people that responded positively and they understood the underlying issue:


You do realise the comments against that picture on Twitter are dripping with sarcasm, It’s cringe worthy seeing the reactions to them believing them to be true. News flash, I honestly don’t think any male outside that 0.5% of us in power actually care either way as long we can be left alone for a change and not be pestered and blamed every 5 minutes.

Me? I can’t wait. Have you SEEN the “his”story of the past 5,000 years? I suspect women will do a much better job…

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