Miley Cyrus Got Back At Trolls Who Blame Her For Being Groped

Miley Cyrus Got Back At Trolls Who Blame Her For Being Groped

The popular singer and actor Miley Cyrus was groped by a man earlier this week while she was leaving her hotel in Barcelona, Spain, with her husband Liam Hemsworth.

The stranger pulled her head towards him and appeared to kiss her. Luckily, her security saw what happened and pulled her to safety.
Even though the incident should have been internationally deemed as unacceptable, some internet trolls are saying that it was Miley’s fault because she was “asking for it”.

After the video gained popularity on the internet, some people wrote really rude comments towards her. She noted the comments, and she had the perfect comeback for them:

And the comments she shared were not the end of it.

Oh, she’s not the one to be shamed like this!

Miley Cyrus made sure to clap back yet again to the trolls with the feminist rebuttal we were all waiting for!

This is what she wrote on Twitter:

Many women came to her defense on Twitter, and we would like to thank Miley for bringing this conversation back to the public consciousness.
Women don’t have to dress a certain way or act a certain way to avoid being maltreated. It’s men who need to stop doing it, and there’s absolutely no one else to blame!


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