Miley Cyrus’ Version Of “Santa Baby” With Feminist Lyrics Sends A Powerful Message For Equality

Miley Cyrus’ Version Of “Santa Baby” With Feminist Lyrics Sends A Powerful Message For Equality

You probably know already that there has been controversy over certain Christmas songs this year, and in the most recent news, Miley Cyrus had teamed up with Jimmy Fallon and Mark Ronson to create an update of the song “Santa Baby” with a feminist twist.

Miley pointed out how the 1953 Eartha Kitt song is very dated in the lyrics department on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and she said that she might need to change some of the lyrics.

She brought up the issues that were brought to light in the #MeToo movement in her rendition of the song, and she made points on things like harassment, equal pay, and apparently, veganism.

There’s a line in the song that says “slip a sable under the tree for me”, which references to fur, and Miley claims that she’s a vegan.

Jimmy, apparently, hadn’t understood that Miley is trying to change the lyrics, so he came in with a necklace for her while singing “Santa baby, I don’t need any fancy jewelry, not me.”.

It was then when Mark Ronson joined in, holding the car keys of a new car for Miley. However, she sang:

“Santa baby, I’ve got a baller car of my own, no loans. I bought it all by myself, Santa baby, with zero help from Elf on the Shelf.”

This is what the next lines were:

“I’d love to know my a$$ won’t get grabbed at work, by some ignorant jerk,”

She stood there strong throughout the whole thing, demonstrating that she doesn’t need a man to get her anything while Jimmy and Mark were struggling to find a place in the scene.

Miley broke her “no red carpets” rule to support the #MeToo movement at the Grammy’s earlier this year, and she has been a strong advocate for it for years now.
Her recent remake of the classic Christmas song sends out a very strong message of gender equality!


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