Miss Massachusetts Returned Her Crown After Host Mocked #MeToo Movement

Miss Massachusetts Returned Her Crown After Host Mocked #MeToo Movement

The host of a state-level Miss America show learned the hard way that he should not be making fun of the #MeToo movement after a Miss Massachusetts contestant named Maude Gorman returned the crown she had earned for Plymouth County. For unknown reasons, the show’s emcee thought that it was funny to conclude the show with a “good ol’ knock” on the #MeToo movement.

The host asked the crowd why Miss America decided to eliminate the swimsuit competition, and a character in the skit who played God held up a sign saying #MeToo.
We are really confused by this whole sketch, in addition to being deeply offended.
Maude Gorman, a Miss Massachusetts contestant heard the sketch from the backstage, and she had spoken about her experience as a sexual assault survivor at the Boston Globe in 2015.

She told NBC Boston:

“I really felt betrayed. “To mock a movement that has empowered survivors to stand up is inappropriate, and especially a women’s empowerment organization, should be unacceptable.”

Gorman expressed her feelings in an Instagram post and she officially resigned her title of Miss Plymouth County 2018.

Miss Massachusetts apologized for the skit later on Facebook, and claimed that the skit had not been in the script or approved by the board.


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