Mom Becomes Human Shield To Protect Baby When Caught In Intense Hail Storm

Mom Becomes Human Shield To Protect Baby When Caught In Intense Hail Storm

A mom from Australia was recently caught in a severe hail storm and she had to protect her infant daughter with her own body when the hail blew out the windows of her car. The photos of what the hail did to her are horrific.

Fiona Simpson was driving in a rural town near Brisbane, Australia, when the hail storm became very intense. She, her baby, and her grandmother were trapped inside the car, and the hail grew to the size of tennis balls.

The windows of the car shattered, and she shared the photos of what happened afterward.

She adds that she learned her lesson: Never drive in a hail storm!

People always say that mothers could lift a car off their trapped child, and this story is certainly not much different. Fiona knew that they were in danger, and her infant baby was particularly vulnerable to the huge hail. The bruises are intense on a grown-up body, so imagine what would have happened if some of them dropped to the tiny baby.

This mama certainly proves that not all heroes wear capes, and people from all over the world seem to agree!

According to Australian news sources, the storm was so intense that even a tornado was reported. Several roofs were torn from buildings, and even local crops were shredded. In an updated Facebook post, Fiona says that her grandmother had to stay in the hospital for a couple of days, but she is doing fine.

She adds that she’s overwhelmed by the reaction of the people online, and of the support people have shown for her and her family.

“I just wanted to alert people to the danger. I’m just so relieved [sic] that my daughter and grandmother are alright.” – she noted.


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