Mom Came Up With A Brilliant Trick To Tell If Her Daughter Is Lying

Mom Came Up With A Brilliant Trick To Tell If Her Daughter Is Lying

We all know that being a parent in 2018 has its own pros and cons, just like in any other era. Even though technology can make it easier for you to keep ‘track’ of your kids, it can also get them into serious trouble. However, a clever mom has found a brilliant way of making sure if her daughter is telling the truth by using her phone. Check out the story below.

This is Kaelyn Demmon and she is 18 years old.

She is no-way different than any other average teenager, except for one thing – and it has a lot to do with her mom, Heather Steinkopf.

Naturally, heather gets a bit worried when her daughter goes out, just like any other mother.

So, what does she do to ease her mind? It may be a bit too much, but it’s also brilliant at the same time.

Heather makes Kaelyn take a selfie with the people she’s with and what they’re up to at the moment, so she can be sure that the story she told her before she left is true. Kind of a good cop – bad cop style.

She even asks for a selfie with the lights on and thumbs up, so she can be sure that it’s a new one, not some old selfie.

However, Kaelyn doesn’t seem to be bothered and it’s good to point out that her mother seems to be having a lot of fun with her daughter.

It’s safe to say that Kaelyn passed the test!

Her original tweet went viral, but people had a lot to say about her parenting methods.

However, Heather says that she doesn’t always ask her daughter to take a selfie, but she might surprise her with a request now and then.


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