Mom Creates “Woman Cave” In Spare Room And We Absolutely Love It

Mom Creates “Woman Cave” In Spare Room And We Absolutely Love It

Carla Lister is a mom from Rochdale, Manchester, who lives with her 6-year-old son Tyler. She recently revealed her amazing before and after photos of how she managed to transform her spare bedroom into a “woman cave”, and it even includes a snazzy bar!

After “feeling spontaneous”, she dug out her tools and began the “labor of love” (which cost her £400, or around $510 in total), including the booze!

The room has a rose-gold and silver theme, and it features a bar, a seating area, and a beer fridge. Carla says it’s perfect for when she fancies a girlie get-together or time alone for herself.

This is how the room looked like:

And this is how it looks like now:

The mother even installed fiber optic lights, and decorated the walls with signs, including one that lists the “bar rules”.

Carla said that she loves it, and it’s something she has always wanted, and she’s going to enjoy it!

She told Mirror that men get to have all the fun with their men caves, so she thought: Why can’t women?

She used units from IKEA to create the bar, and she covered it with silver exposed brick wallpaper from The Range.

Carla had initially wanted to create a “woman cave” at the end of her garden, but she went off the idea when she decided that there wasn’t enough room.
She did it all by herself, and her sister couldn’t believe that it would look like that.

We also believe the results are unbelievable, and many people have praised her for what she did after she posted the photos of her new “Woman cave” on Facebook.


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