Mom Fires Back At People Who Said Her Outfit Is ‘Inappropriate’ For Picking Up Kids From School

Mom Fires Back At People Who Said Her Outfit Is ‘Inappropriate’ For Picking Up Kids From School

Bella Vrondos is a mom-of-three from Sydney who claims that many people, including other parents, are very critical of how she chooses to dress.

The mom and model is not afraid to wear glamorous body-hugging dresses and a full face of makeup. However, she claims that she was being treated unfairly by other parents when she went to pick up her children one day wearing a tight, beige dress.

She told Caters News that she posted a photo on social media of her and her kids at school with their awards, and the photo gained a lot of negative popularity because, apparently, the way she was dressed wasn’t appropriate for school.

This is the photo she posted:

The judgment from people has only grown since she decided to get breast implants.
The mom-of-three decided to come forward with her story because she wants other moms to know that there is no “right way” or a “wrong way” to look, and being a mom doesn’t mean that you have to give up your whole self-being.
She says that she tries to create awareness about that, even though many people also judge her for being “selfish and materialistic”.

She says that someone told her that they would rather spend their money on their children, but she notes that they just assume that she doesn’t spend money on her children, which is ridiculous.

Bella, however, doesn’t care much about what others think, and she says that she loves her kids more than anything in this world.
She also notes that her children love her the way she is, and if she was to change her appearance, then she wouldn’t be their mom, and it wouldn’t be her.
Bella adds that her children think she’s the best person on the planet and when they look at all the other moms, they wonder why they’re not like her.


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