Mom Heartbroken As She Can’t Afford Her Son’s Insulin Because of American Healthcare

Mom Heartbroken As She Can’t Afford Her Son’s Insulin Because of American Healthcare

Katie Schieffer is the mom of a 9-year-old kid who was recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. After spending some time in the ICU, the kid was diagnosed with the disease, and her son now requires regular sugar level checks and insulion injections a few times a day. To add to that, treating a Type 1 Diabetes patient can be very expensive to maintain, especially as the cost of insulin has risen exponentially in recent times.
The mom decided to share an emotional video on TikTok after she went to the pharmacy to pick up her son’s insulin. What she didn’t expect was a bill of $1,000. She said that she couldn’t pay for it, and with tears in her eyes she had to go in and tell her 9-year-old son that she couldn’t pay for his medication.


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Schieffer explained in the video that she’s been working for 17 years, and that she and her husband both work full-time – and they still couldn’t pay for the medication!
She even works the third shift and goes to school during the day, and she was genuinely asking everyone else how are they making it and if she’s the only one struggling.

No, she’s not the only one struggling! As we all know, the unaffordability of healthcare in the US is a huge problem for millions of people. There are millions of Americans who are still uninsured or underinsured, and medical bills can still be very hard to cover – even for people that have insurance.

Schieffer’s video gained a lot of attention, and she received countless support and advice. Commenters shared ways on how she can get insulin in an affordable way, and she explained in a follow-up video that it was actually the blood sugar monitor that cost $1,100, and it wasn’t covered under their insurance.

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