Mom Invites Principal To Take Her Daughter Shopping After She “Violated The Dress Code”

Mom Invites Principal To Take Her Daughter Shopping After She “Violated The Dress Code”

The number of school administrators policing girls’ clothes with dress code policies has been on the rise recently, and we’ve had numerous stories of girls being sent home from school to change their clothes because, apparently, their clothes were inappropriate.

Well, one mom is not having it, and she wrote a truly epic letter to her daughter’s principal in which she asked if they would like to take her daughter shopping instead.

Catherine Pearlman is the mother of a 13-year-old schoolgirl who was sent home with a note from middle school two days in a row for wearing shorts, even though the weather was scorching hot. The mom then took it to Instagram to share photos of the shorts that were deemed inappropriate:

Pearlman is a licensed social worker and an author, and she decided to write a letter to her daughter’s principal. She then posted the letter on her website TheFamilyCoach, and the letter explains to the principal that it’s really hard for her daughter to shop for clothes that meet the dress code guidelines. To add to that, she suggested that maybe the principal should go shopping with her daughter.

She also pointed out in the letter that whatever clothes the principal chooses, she will make sure that they pass the humiliating “finger-tip” test. The mom noted that her daughter has very long fingers, and it seems to make finding shorts that won’t get her sent to the principal’s office impossible.

She ends the letter with a very reasonable request, which is not to spend a fortune because the girl is still growing. However, the mic drop moment comes at the end:

“P.S. I forgot to thank you for making it clear to my daughter that her body is somehow a distraction, either to herself or to the boys. I thought she might have missed the message earlier in the year when the gym teacher told her she couldn’t wear yoga pants because the boys aren’t able to control themselves. I appreciate how hard you are working to drive the point home.”

Check out the full letter for yourself here , and tell us what you think about the issue in the comments below.


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