Mom Mocked By Nasty Trolls For Choosing An Unusual Name For Her Baby

Mom Mocked By Nasty Trolls For Choosing An Unusual Name For Her Baby

Even though naming your child can be a very difficult decision, this couple from Bristol, U.K. had both agreed that they wanted to go for some “extravagant” name for their baby.
Jade and Joshua Jeanes, both 27, are both big Disney fans, so they initially considered naming their baby daughter after the heroine of Beauty and the Beast – Belle.

However, they decided that the name just wasn’t unique enough, so they opted for a name that was much more unique.

After Jade gave birth to her baby at St. Michael’s Hospital, she and her husband named their daughter Disney, a choice that surprised the nurses on the maternity ward.

However, the couple was shocked when people on the internet started posting nasty comments online and mocked their decision.

Jade decided to share the unique name they choose for their daughter in a parenting group on Facebook, and was very surprised by the negative reaction she received. Many people actually responded with crying and laughing emojis, which upset the new mother.

She told Bristol Post that their friends and family love the name, and, most importantly, herself and her husband love it too. It’s no one’s business what they decided to call her, and people with either love it or hate it at the end.

The mother also added that if she happens to have a son in the future, she would name him Sonic after the popular video game.

According to her, unusual names will become more popular in the future, and she added that her daughter is already living up to her name, as she’s very excited whenever a Disney movie pops up on TV.


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