Mom-Of-Five Is Calling Out Pregnancy Shamers And People Everywhere Are Applauding

Mom-Of-Five Is Calling Out Pregnancy Shamers And People Everywhere Are Applauding

Any mom, and especially moms of multiple children, probably remember the first time they were shamed by someone for their third, fifth, or sixth pregnancy.
Some of the most common, yet absolutely disgusting comments is:

“Don’t you know what causes that?”

People think jokes like this are funny, but they are actually totally rude.

Pregnancy should be a happy time for any expecting mom, because it’s already tough as it is, and no person in this world should decide whether she should become a mother again or not – except herself!

So, probably this is the reason for the overwhelmingly positive support Anna Strode received for her recent Instagram post.

She is currently pregnant and soon-to-be a mother of four, and she decided to expose the comments people have been giving her throughout her latest pregnancy in order to shed light to the true thought behind them.


So, just to make things clear, if an expectant mother hasn’t asked for your opinion or help so far, she obviously doesn’t need it! The people who are pregnancy shaming other women are not even on the last end of the spectrum of the mother, and their comments will definitely not affect on the decision of a woman to have children!

Having an opinion on someone else’s family planning (or body) does NOT entitle you to share it!


Wow so having kids is killing the planet. Hello whos is burning rhe Amazon right now. Over population no stupid human thats who. My paternal grandma [may she rest in peace has 6] so many other people had multiple children back then as well. Whats the difference now and then.

Oh my God, I feel like I just had an aneurysm trying to read odalys comment.

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