Mom Tired Of Men Shaming Women For Abortions Explains Why “Men Cause 100% Of Unwanted Pregnancies”

Mom Tired Of Men Shaming Women For Abortions Explains Why “Men Cause 100% Of Unwanted Pregnancies”

A mother of six from America decided to share her opinion on a very sensitive subject, and she says that she is not willing to compromise. The 44-year-old author Gabrielle Blair from Oakland, California posted on Twitter to argue that unplanned pregnancies are always the man’s fault, no matter the circumstances.

Her tweet went viral since, being liked more than 185,000 times and retweeted more than 72,000 times. It managed to reignite the ever-lasting debate about abortion in a completely new way, and you can check out her reasoning below. Also, feel free to let us know what you think on the subject in the comments below!


Love her argument!

She’s mormon and has six children. I’m wondering why she’s even writing this article blaming men since it’s quietly encouraged to have 5 plus children to get into the mormon “celestial heaven”. Perhaps she’s upset with her spouse and predicament of having so many children. I’m not mormon, but the religion is extremely male oriented and perhaps women don’t have too much say over their bodies and amount of children they have to bear? I sense anger and frustration not on abortions, per se, but more toward men, which makes me wonder if this has an underlying mormon religion frustration tone?

She has so called out the Elephant in the Room. Absolutely biologically correct in every way. Now, if only men could pull their heads out of their a##es and realize that this is, AGAIN, all about choice. If you don’t want a partner to end up pregnant or having an abortion. Do the right thing. Children would not exist without your sacred sperm.

lady, im mormon and not once did i EVER hear anything about having 5+ kids to get into heaven. its about having a family in general and getting married and sealed in a temple to get in to the celestial kingdom, NOT about how many kids you have. As long as youre married and sealed in a legit temple, and follow the churches standards for life, then you get in. id suggest going to one session of the lds church before you start saying things like that. but naturally youll just get offended and bs about me being right.

Whew! Passionate. Brave. Heartfelt. Honest. Real.
Thank you ❤

Although good points are made, men are not 100% responsible.
Vasectomies can have dyer complications. They are not 100% reversible.
So if the man doesn’t want an operation and the woman doesn’t want the pill or an IUD, they use a condom.
Great. What is if the condom splits or is defective..? Is that still the man’s fault?
Abortions should remain legal and contraception is the responsibility of both parties.
Men should not be forced to have an operation just as a woman should not be forced to use a pill or device.
Also, unwanted goes both ways…
A woman can tell a man that she is on the pill or otherwise, but isn’t.
She may wan’t the baby but he doesn’t. Is that the man’s fault?
Arguing that it is a man’s fault because he can make someone pregnant is as stupid as saying it is always a woman’s fault because she can get pregnant.
It IS a 2 sided case.
More time and money has been spent on women’s contraception than men’s. I am not saying that this is right, but is is what it is. If there was a men’s pill that worked and had the potential of minor yet reversible symptoms, I would totally try it.
As far as I am aware, tries of men’s pills in the past were canned due to non reversible consequences, such as permanent impotence.

This is completely absurd. I will never have an unplanned pregnancy because ONLY I AM responsible for my body. The idea that men are 100% responsible just shows how ONE woman is NOT responsible for her own body. Its sad that she has such bad ideas that aren’t necessary at all. Take responsibility for yourself and stop trying to blame others for your own shortcomings.

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