Mom-Of-Three On The Pill Gives Birth To A Healthy Baby Girl On The Toilet

Mom-Of-Three On The Pill Gives Birth To A Healthy Baby Girl On The Toilet

Grace Meachim is a 32-year-old sales advisor and a mother of four children that received the shock of a lifetime when she gave birth to a healthy baby girl on the toilet after having absolutely no idea that she was pregnant.
As it turns out, she was around 37 weeks pregnant and about to give birth, but she had no visible bump, and she was even taking the pill “religiously” and still had periods.

The 32-year-old from Littlehampton, West Sussex, U.K., lives with her 34-year-old husband James, and she woke up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet. As she sat down, though, she felt the unmistakeable feeling of her water breaking. Expectedly, she let out a terrified scream, and her husband and 13-year-old son came in running. They thought that Grace was being attacked, as she shouted for them to call an ambulance because “there was something coming”.

Moments after James called 999, he rushed to the toilet so he could catch the baby girl. Yes, you read that right.

Healthy baby Sienna was born weighing 7lbs 5.5oz in Meachim’s home, and she was immediately taken to the hospital with Grace. After being given a perfect bill of health, they were both sent home. What a wonderful bundle of joy and a fantastic addition to the family!

Speaking of her fourth childbirth, Grace said that her waters went just a few seconds of getting to the toilet, and it frightened her because it was very surreal. She hadn’t had any build-up to it at all, no pain – nothing. To add to that, she didn’t feel like she was going into labor at all prior to that, and it all happened very quickly.

Understandably, Sienna came as a surprise for Grace’s family and friends, and most of them thought that they were joking at first.

Grace shared that she had been having regular periods and taking her contraceptive pill in the months leading up to Sienna’s birth, and even though she had developed a “slight lump” in her tummy, she even took three at-home pregnancy tests just in case, and all of them gave negative results.

What’s even more shocking is that Grace visited her GP in September, and the doctor conducted another pregnancy test, which also came back negative, so she was diagnosed with a recurring cyst.

Grace was about to have an ultrasound for the “cyst” in January 2020, but her daughter was born a month earlier, so there was no need for the ultrasound to be done. The parents explained, though, that Sienna is a bit extra special to them and she was such a nice surprise, but they have no plans for a fifth child.


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