Mom Photographed The Exact Moment She Gave Birth To Her Son

Mom Photographed The Exact Moment She Gave Birth To Her Son

Megan Mattiuzzo is a 29-year-old wedding photographer based in New York, and she gave birth to her son Easton just a week ago.

She was looking for a way to document Easton’s entrance into this world before he was born, and several of her photographer friends offered to be in the room with her and take photos.
Megan, however, had another idea. She thought of taking one specific photo that only she could take.

She told BuzzFeed News that she wanted one photo, and it would be from her perspective from what she’s seeing: her son’s first breaths and what he is seeing in the world.

All of her friends said she was crazy, but she planned it all out, and on the day of her 12-hour labor, she picked up her camera and took some truly magnificent and one-of-a-kind photos.

Looking at the photos post-labor, she said that she was “overwhelmed with happiness” with how they turned out.

The planning to this moment was not easy, though. She had to make sure that her camera settings were adjusted for the lighting, and she needed her husband to hold onto the camera for the majority of her labor, so he could hand it to her at the last moment.

The task was made even harder on the day of her labor, but the new mother committed because she knew that she would regret it if she didn’t take that photo.


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