Mom Posts Self-Made Hilarious “Back-To-School” Sign, Admitting She Is Far From Perfect

Mom Posts Self-Made Hilarious “Back-To-School” Sign, Admitting She Is Far From Perfect

Its September and that means it’s time for buying schools supplies, clothes and everything else that goes with first day of school. Most parents find themselves neck deep is school supply lists. A new start, especially after the pandemic means adapting to changes, meeting new people and getting used to new routines. Also, everywhere we look on social media our feed is flooded with back-to-school photos with cute kids holding various signs and somehow all this chaos has been turned into a tradition than many cherish.

We must admit that there is nothing wrong with the photos as we all want to remember and cherish these times that usually go way too fast.

Well, one mom of two boys had a different idea on mind. Jeni Bukolt decided to publish a first-day photo of herself looking exhausted even before the first day of school started.

Her self-made sign read:

“I am 42 years tired. I’ll probably miss a school ‘theme’ day. I really like sleep. Please don’t ask me to volunteer. But I will buy you supplies.”


Her photo gained a lot of popularity in a short amount of time which was a clear proof that many other parents feel the same way. Her post especially resonated with other moms, acknowledging the fast that we are all in this together. I mean it was a brilliant way to state that none of us are perfect and how we are all together in this struggle.

Some took her post way to serious and she even got some backlash from people saying how she is not being supportive of her sons and teachers. In order to sort thing out she decided to publish another post and explain that there is no harm in trying to have some fun, and well, being honest.


At the end of the day it’s nice to see that none of us need to feel the pressure of being a perfect parent.

P.S. There is a popular list of back-to-school articles that you can check out here, that might help with overcoming the challenges most parents face at the begging and during the school year. Hope it helps!


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