Mom Says Loving Parents Should Slap Their Children To Discipline Them Properly

Mom Says Loving Parents Should Slap Their Children To Discipline Them Properly

An intense debate has been sparked recently after a mom on This Morning claimed that “every loving parent” should slар mack their children.

Journalist Claire Muldoon clashed with another mom when they appeared as guests on This Morning to discuss this ban in Scotland.
As pressure grows to widen the ban further to England and Northern Ireland, Wales beings drawing up a similar law. The Scottish mom, however, criticized the ban, saying that she thinks it’s Big Brother honing in on this and every loving parent “would use some form of physical chastisement – not always but if it’s suitable”.

Claire continued that “this whole thing stems from love”.

Journalist and mom-of-two Rebecca Wilcox disagreed with her, though, saying that she doesn’t believe in using physical force on children.

She said that she felt “awful” about slapping her four-year-old son when he spilled water on her laptop, and she called the moment her “biggest guilt as a mom”. She noted that it left her feeling like a “hypocrite”, because it was all about her loss of control. Yes, her son was misbehaving, but she’s the adult, and she should know better.

The show’s host Ruth Langsford pointed out that had the mom done the same against her son in Scotland, she could be prosecuted for the act under the new laws.

According to Rebecca, though, things wouldn’t go that far, and she said that the law would give Child Protection workers tools to intervene and educate parents against corporal punishmеnt.

The segment sparked a heated debate on Twitter, where people argued over their points of view on whether corporal punishment was an effective parenting strategy or just outright wrong.

Where do you stand on this matter? Should parents use corporal punishment when raising their children? Feel free to discuss it in the comment section below.


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