Mom Says Popular Game ‘Tag’ Should Be Banned From Schools

Mom Says Popular Game ‘Tag’ Should Be Banned From Schools

Amy Nickell is a mom that visited Good Morning Britain a few days ago to call for the playground game Tag to be banned in schools. She claims that her son came home one day “with a bruise on his chin” after playing the game at school. On the other side of the debate, though, was a behavioral specialist and author Jo Hemmings, who said that children’s games should include a certain level of risk in order for kids to learn how to cope with certain situations.

The debate comes after news broke down that Joanne Smith, headteacher at the Rudyard Kipling Primary School & Nursery in Brighton had angered parents after she banned children from playing Tag on the premises.

The mom spoke in support of the decision, questioning who the winner of the game is after all.
Jo, though, said that games of this type are good for releasing children’s dopamine levels, and she added that Tag is fun, and a game should have a certain amount of danger.

Piers Morgan, expectedly, had something to say about it, and he joked with Amy, questioning if her son is Ok after she revealed that he had been hurt on the playground.

The presenter questioned why are we even having these conversations, and he believes opinions like this are creating a generation so snowflakey that they won’t even be able to leave their houses when they leave school.

He believes we have protected our children so ridiculously that they’re totally unprepared for the real world, which, by the way, isn’t all about “everybody wins and everybody’s nice”.

The opinions of the audience were divided on this one, but, almost surprisingly, it seems that most people agree with Morgan on this one and believe that we are creating “snowflakey” children that won’t be able to make it in the real world. What’s your opinion on this one?


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