Me And My Mom Share The Same Boyfriend And We Are Totally OK With It

Me And My Mom Share The Same Boyfriend And We Are Totally OK With It

There are tons of stories out there of people cheating their lovers, but when the other person is part of your family, it can be pretty devastating.

But in some strange way, a young woman is totally OK with sharing her boyfriend with her mom. I don`t care how consensually polyamorous you are, this story is a head scratcher. I know that all parties consent, but it`s hard not to feel gross about it.

You might have heard about DearCupid, a message board where people talk about all kinds of relationship problems and seek advices. There are even questions like: “Should I tell my daughter about her biological father?”

Recently, one anonymous 21-year-old women posted the following question: “Should my Mom and I continue to share the same boyfriend?”

She wrote:

I think the biggest issue here that they both enjoy watching each other with S….

Here are few responses:

A user YouWish wrote:

One of the users, JJanniepeg, did a full breakdown:

The 21-year-old woman never followed up, so we don`t know the outcome of the complex situation. Hopefully they can break this triangle with nobody getting hurt.


How perverted!

If you think that is “OK”, then you need your head examined.

Would totally smash!

Do what makes you happy 🙂

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