Mom Shuts Down Kat Von D After She Said She Will Raise Her Child Vegan And Without Vaccinations

Mom Shuts Down Kat Von D After She Said She Will Raise Her Child Vegan And Without Vaccinations

We recently had a post (link) about the famous tattoo artist and cosmetics entrepreneur Kat Von D and her anti-vaccine claims. She is pregnant with her new husband Leafer Seyer with whom she got married earlier this year, but she stated that she will not vaccinate her baby because according to her, ‘vaccination shots are not safe’.

Caroline Hirons is a mom who did not like Kat’s anti-vaccine claims, and she told about her son’s brutal fight against mumps to illustrate her point. Celebrities have been heavily linked with the number of parents who choose vaccines, and there have been many cases throughout the history where they have blamed vaccines for their children’s health problems (for example Jenny McCarthy who pushed against the MMR vaccine because she blamed it for her son’s autism diagnosis).

Check out Hirons’ case against the tattoo artist below, and let us know what is your opinion on the matter in the comments!

The famous tattoo artist Kat Von D, who has more than 18 million followers on Facebook, stated that she will not be vaccinating her unborn child.

Her post was liked more than 750k times!

However, one mom did not like it one bit

Some people opposed her right away:

However, most of them strongly agreed with her:


To lilgoldnhoney and berryandwatermelon. Berry, those “treatments” and ancestor knowledge did and still do absolutely nothing. Electric plants? Then we should be replacing coal-fired power plants and start planting gardens. Can you give me the specs on those plants? Voltage and watts they are rated for? Is it AC or DC? As for lilgold, it was really quite simple. Before there were effective medical treatments ( like vaccines) and hospitals, people did the only thing they could do. They Died. As an exercise for you, look up the maternity rates of death for both babies and their mothers.

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