Mom Sold Twin Sons For $9,100 To Pay Off Credit Card Bills And Buy A New Phone

Mom Sold Twin Sons For $9,100 To Pay Off Credit Card Bills And Buy A New Phone

A mom of newborn twins from China has, reportedly, sold her twin sons for $9,100 in order to pay off her credit card bills and buy a new phone.

The boys weren’t even two weeks old when their mom sold them off to two different families that live more than 430 miles away from the mother’s hometown.

The woman and her partner have since been arrested, and the babies have been rescued and given to their grandparents to be cared for.

The police say that the woman gave birth to the children last September, and they had to be put in incubators because they were premature.

The father failed to show up to the hospital, and his parents refused to help the mother out. So, as a result of the lack of support, she decided to sell the children to strangers.
MailOnline reports that she sold one of them for 45,000 yuan and the other one for 20,000 yuan.

The mother, who is in her 20s, claimed that she did it because she had absolutely no money and she was heavily in debt.
It has also been reported that her family refused to help her out because they weren’t pleased about her pre-marital pregnancy.

It was reported by MailOnline that the mom used the money, but then her partner showed up and demanded that she use them to pay off his gambling debts.

Both of the children were found with their adoptive parents, who agreed to hand them back.


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