Mom Surprises Her  Trans Daughter With Adorable Gender Reveal Photoshoot 

Mom Surprises Her  Trans Daughter With Adorable Gender Reveal Photoshoot 

Gender reveals parties have become one of the absolute worst things in the world, and even their creator, Jenna Karvunidis, or the woman that popularized them, said recently that her views on gender have changed, and she doesn’t approve these parties anymore. The thing is that gender exists on a spectrum, and it’s not binary, and gender reveal parties tend to make it look that way.

Julie Hindsley is a mother that was determined to make her daughter Ella feel accepted and loved, and she wanted to celebrate her daughter’s transition from a boy to a girl with an absolutely adorable gender reveal party and a photoshoot.
The mom told CafeMom that the occasion was very special to the whole family, especially Ella.

Julie explained that Ella would wear a towel on her head and call it her ‘giraffe hair’ when she was two, and the parents were convinced that it was either a phase, or they were likely to have a gay son. A few years later, though, it became clear that Ella was very serious about her gender, and she told her mom one day that she wanted to be a girl. She demanded that her mom makes her a girl, so Julie allowed her to grow her hair.

One day riding home from daycare, Ella told Julie that she was supposed to be a girl in her tummy, and she was wondering why she did not come out as a girl. She also enjoyed growing her hair, and she said things like “When my hair is long and I am a girl…”.

Julie and her partner soon realized that even though Ella could be a girl at home, she couldn’t be a girl outside the house, which did not feel fair.

The family went to a therapist, who immediately told them that the best way to help Ella transition as smoothly and as painlessly as possible was to affirm her trans identity and make her feel comfortable. The parents did exactly that, and even though they’re holding off hormone therapy, for now, they’ve made everything they can for her transition to go as smoothly as possible.

The mom shared Ella’s story on Facebook in order to celebrate their journey, and photographer Heather Harris Witt reached out to them to offer them a gender reveal photoshoot. So, they got together and had the most amazing gender reveal photoshoot for Ella.

Julie hopes that her daughter’s photoshoot will encourage others to be more accepting of trans people, and she noted that being accepting and affirming of who someone is is all anyone ever wants.


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