Mom Who Abandoned Her Car Rushing Her Daughter To ER, Returned To Find A Note From Strangers

Mom Who Abandoned Her Car Rushing Her Daughter To ER, Returned To Find A Note From Strangers

Sarah Moore is a mom who rushed her daughter Lacie-Christina to the Royal Lancaster Infirmary in Lancashire, U.K., after the two-year-old girl had split her head open.
The worried mother just ditched her car on double yellow lines outside the building so she could race her daughter inside.
However, the surprise came when she came outside to her car.

Instead of finding a parking ticket or/and an angry note, she found a very kind handwritten message.

At is turns out, staff from the North West Private Ambulance Liaison Service had noticed what had happened, and they managed to “sweet talk” the traffic warden not to issue her a ticket.

Sarah has since said that they didn’t have to do that, but it made things a lot easier.

She was fully expecting to come out of the hospital and have a parking ticket, and she had come to terms with that.
However, they made her feel a lot happier and made things so much easier.

Her daughter hurt her head on the hinge of a door as she was running between the patio doors and tripped on the carpet and hit the hinges.

This is the message the mom received:

Sarah abandoned her car on the double yellow lines when she arrived at the hospital, and ran Lacie-Christina into A&E.

She was warned by the NWPALS people about the ticket, but she told them that she’s not bothered, because she just wanted to make sure her daughter was OK.

Sarah returned to her vehicle when her daughter was recovering, and was delighted to find the friendly note attached to her windscreen.

The mother was able to get her daughter home safe, and without a parking fine.

She added that she can’t thank them enough, as not everyone would have done that.


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