Mom Whose Son Was Put On Life Support Fired By Heartless Manager

Mom Whose Son Was Put On Life Support Fired By Heartless Manager

Crystal Reynolds Fisher is a mom that was fired from her job while tending to her son, who was on life support.

The mom was devastated when her son Jason was hospitalized and was put on life support, but things were about to get a whole lot worse when her boss fired her for not turning up to work.

The furious mom posted the screenshots of the conversation she had with her boss on Facebook and she outed her for her complete lack of empathy.

The 18-year-old Jason developed a form of sepsis and his life was in danger. The mom told The Sun that she didn’t know what was going on, or how her son was until a doctor came out and told her that they had to put him on life-support.

She told her boss at PS Food Mart gas station about the situation, but he had no sympathy and even accused her of being dramatic.

Her post went absolutely viral and it sparked many angry reactions from people all around the world.
Many people couldn’t believe how can someone be so cruel, and the outrage wasn’t limited to just the internet.

When Folk Oil saw the texts that were posted on Facebook, they immediately fired the manager and wrote that they are in complete agreement that this is not acceptable.


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