Mom’s Incredible Leap Saves Her Toddler From Falling Off 4th Floor

Mom’s Incredible Leap Saves Her Toddler From Falling Off 4th Floor

The heart-stopping moment of a quick-witted mom who saved her son from falling off a balcony from the 4th floor with her incredible reflexes has been caught on camera.

Footage from a CCTV camera from a reception area at a construction company called “Monserrate” shows a mother and her toddler son walking out of an elevator along with a delivery man.
The mom waits for someone to open the door, while the curious toddler walks over to the railings of the staircase and appears to put his hands on what he thinks is a panel.

However, he then crouches down and leans forward, only to realize that the railing is completely empty!

The toddler then lost his balance and fall through space.

The mom, who appears to be on the phone and a few steps away, just bolted away into action, threw herself over the edge and grabbed her son!

The delivery man ran to the floor below hoping to catch the boy, and employees of the construction company rushed to help after they realized what happened.

The mom, luckily, managed to catch her son’s feet and brought him back to safety.

The incident took place in the Laureles Colonial in Medellin, Colombia. It remains unclear whether the boy had sustained any injuries.

The video was since shared on Reddit, where many people discussed the mother’s miraculous save.

While some praised her incredible reflexes, others criticized her for being careless and blamed her for the incident.
Check out the video for yourself below and tell us what you think about it in the comments:


Wow what a wuick move that was ! Surprise mom im not just looking down to the floor below im actually gonna jump with no warning ! Holy crap i have a 2 year oldnson and they DO THING SPONTANEOUSLY ! Great job mom one of many close calls to come. Kids are tricky!

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