Mom’s Photo Shows The Magical Powers Of Breastmilk And Debunks Anti-Vaxxers

Mom’s Photo Shows The Magical Powers Of Breastmilk And Debunks Anti-Vaxxers

Breast milk is considered to be one of the miracles of the human body, as science has proved that it can help moms prevent breast cancer, it helps babies ward off illness and basically do anything, and it can even change its characteristics to adapt to the nutritional needs of the baby.

And the power of breast milk has left people amazed once again when a mother shared a photo comparing the color of her breast milk before and after her baby received a round of vaccines.

Jody Danielle Fisher is a mother from the U.K. and she took it to Facebook to show once again that breast milk is ‘magical’.
She wrote that Nancy, her daughter, had her 1-year vaccines on Tuesday, and the “normal” color milk is from the day before them, and the “blue” color milk is from 2 days after the girl had the vaccines.

The mother doesn’t think that the difference in the color of the milk is an accident. She believes it’s blue from all the antibodies her own body is producing as it thinks that her daughter is sick with what she was vaccinated against.

She says that this phenomenon is one of the reasons she still breastfeeds her 13-month-old daughter.

After her post gained a lot of popularity on Facebook, she edited it and wrote an update.
Some people argued that she is shaming formula by promoting breastfeeding, but she explained that she formula fed her 1st child, and combi-fed her 2nd and 3rd child.

Also, she wrote that the color of the milk is not from what she’s eaten, and this was expressed straight after a feed, and it’s not a foremilk.

And, to add to that, Jody updated her post once again to confront the anti-vaxxers by writing that this is a proof that vaccines are doing exactly what they’re meant to do, and so is her daughter’s body and hers. The whole point of vaccines is to introduce your body to a very weakened version of some virus or a disease, and it causes your body to make antibodies and “heal” itself. Also, she made sure to chase off people that came on her post to preach about not having vaccinations because they’re poisonous.


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