Moms React To Study Suggesting The More Children A Woman Has, The Slower She Ages

Moms React To Study Suggesting The More Children A Woman Has, The Slower She Ages

The recent years have seen a few TV-series and movies that highlight the less glamorous reality of motherhood, and moms around the world couldn’t agree more. From the loss of social life to sleep deprivation and constant stress, being a mom is a fulltime job that moms aren’t getting paid for.
A recent study conducted by Simon Fraser University suggested that “having more children slows down the aging process”, and moms around the world are laughing through tears at how silly that sounds.
One woman, however, had the perfect response to the study’s authors.

The study was published in Science Daily in 2016, and researchers suggested that “the number of children born to a woman influences the rate at which her body ages”, meaning that women who give birth to more children had more longer telomeres – the protective tips at the end of each DNA strand and the indicative of cellular aging.
Longer telomeres have been associated with longevity and they are integral to cell replication.

The head researcher of the project realized that the result might contradict the life-history theory which says that giving birth to more children accelerates biological aging, and said that the telomere effect could be a result of increased estrogen during pregnancy.

Maria Guido, a Managing Editor and Snapchet Discover Lead Producer expressed her reaction in an article:

Mothers around the world loved Guido’s response to the study, and came up with even more hilarious responses of their own.


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