Moms Share Why Having Kids Was The Wrong Choice

Moms Share Why Having Kids Was The Wrong Choice

Staying childfree purposefully used to be considered ‘selfish’ and generally a bad idea in the past. However, even though the societal pressure to have babies is still strong, more and more women are opting for a childfree life for various reasons, It’s always nice to see that women are becoming more outspoken about their life choices.

And while we still hear a lot of whining and complaining about people who have decided to live a childfree life, we never hear the other side of the story – the side of people who have decided to have kids, but later in life they regret their choice. Women who dare to challenge the taboo that ‘having children is the best thing that will happen to you’ are often called ‘selfish’ and ‘bad moms’ – but that’s simply not true.

To hear the ‘other side of the story’, one Reddit user recently decided the women of Reddit: “Mothers who regret having children, what made you realize it? And how are you coping?”

The question hit a nerve for many people out there, and the thread was flooded with responses from women who saw it as an opportunity to share their life stories. The thread gives a very different perspective on parenthood, and it shines a light on a question that’s often underlooked by society.







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