Months After First Date, Guy Leaves Woman Hideous “List Of Tips” On How She Could Improve

Months After First Date, Guy Leaves Woman Hideous “List Of Tips” On How She Could Improve

Everyone who’s been in the dating scene lately is aware that it has become a minefield of bailers, ghosters, catfish, and unsolicited d-pics. So, most of us have at least one first-date-of-hell to share, and this is one that would make the top.

Kimberley Latham-Hawkesford is a 24-year-old woman from Morecambe, UK, who recently matched a man on Tinder. After a week of messaging, they decided to meet up, and went for a coffee at a local Costa. She said that everything went “really well” and they went off to a pub in the Lake District for food afterward.

However, things took a strange turn soon after.

As it turns out, the man asked her if she would have plastic surgery, and he suggested places where she should shop for their next meeting.

To top things off, though, when she offered to pay, the man got angry and he went on to show her his bank balance on his phone.

Kimberley told LADbible that the date was “just a disaster”, but a strange thing happened to her three months later.

She received an unexpected message from the man, and he began by explaining to her why he hadn’t messaged her.
He told her that he feels she could have made the date much better, and he gave her a list of reasons why!


He finished by saying that if she would take these on board, he might consider another date. He also noted her that he would give her a month and get back in touch to see if his list has made a difference.

She said that she was absolutely crushed at first and it got her confidence on the ground, but the more she reads it, the funnier it becomes.


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