Most Women Claim They ‘Don’t Fart In Front Of Their Partners’ And We Are Sick And Tired Of Hearing It

Most Women Claim They ‘Don’t Fart In Front Of Their Partners’ And We Are Sick And Tired Of Hearing It

You’re probably scrolling through your phone and thinking: “What the hell was that headline?”. But, in all seriousness, this is really a thing. We are not quite sure why, but many women say that they don’t “fart” in front of their boyfriends or husbands. And no, we’re not talking about couples who are in the “Honeymoon stage”, but for couples that have been together for years!

To add to that, many women even say that they don’t use the bathroom for a “number two” when they’re at their boyfriends’, as they want to maintain that “mystical, magical” appearance of being “absolutely clean and perfect”.

I mean, what the actual …? Everyone farts, and everyone knows that! It’s human nature, it’s absolutely natural, and there’s ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with it! To be honest, here, girls who “don’t poop or fart” are really selling themselves short.

First of all, why lie?

These women are liars, and lying in a relationship will most likely set you up for a disaster. And yes, even about something as bizarre as farting. I mean, your partner is also a human being, and he (probably) knows how a human’s body operates.

Next: you can’t eat some food you like when you’re with him, because we all know that some foods are more likely to give us gas. For example, beans.

So, you are willing to cut off beans from your world just because you might let one slip through?

Also, you should never ever hide in a corner in shame for something that is natural!

To add to that, constantly holding yourself in will have a negative impact on your stomach health, and you really do not want to mess with nature’s calling.

And, to make things worse, you’re perpetuating the sexist stereotype that women have to be “pure and perfect”, which is so 1960s.

And maybe the most important thing of all: if someone can’t accept you for being you – it’s “bye, bye time”.


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