Mother Forced To Breastfeed Baby On Train Floor After Nobody Offered Her A Seat

Mother Forced To Breastfeed Baby On Train Floor After Nobody Offered Her A Seat

The 22-year-old mother Sophie Molineux was traveling from Shropshire to Ludlow for a damily day out with her partner Rob Moore and their one-year-old son Chester when they struggled to find a seat.
They were surprised to find that none of the carriage’s passengers offered the mom a seat while she held onto her hungry baby when they boarded the train, and they were forced to stand during the 20-minute journey while taking turns to hold the baby.

However, baby Chester got hungry at one point, so the mom ended up sitting on the floor to breastfeed him.
Sophie told The Mirror that she was so shocked because there were more than 50 people in the carriage and not one person moved.
She adds that it was one of those situations when she just had to breastfeed her son, and when she sat down on the floor, there were people walking past and they would see that she was breastfeeding, but no-one offered them a seat.

The young mother also appeared on This Morning, where she talked about what happened on the train.

She told the hosts that there’s been a lot of positive reactions from mothers around the world, but there have also been people who ask her why didn’t she ask others to get up, or why didn’t she give her son a bottle of formula and keep him safe.
She explained that not all babies take formula, and it was her choice to breastfeed her baby.

Her story went viral on social media, but the mother now feels that it has been exaggerated and blown way out of proportion. So, she took it to social media to clarify her stand on the whole matter.
She explained that she didn’t mean to target the commuters, but to start a discussion on the matter of offering seats to passengers, and she wanted to hear both sides of the story.
This is what Sophie shared:


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