Mother Kicks Her 3-Year-Old Child-Model Daughter For “Failing To Pose Properly”

Mother Kicks Her 3-Year-Old Child-Model Daughter For “Failing To Pose Properly”

People have accused one Chinese mother of taking advantage of her daughter after she had been caught on camera kicking her 3-year-old daughter while the girl was doing modeling work.

The mother was, reportedly, not satisfied with her daughter’s performance during commercial filming, and it was her way of “correcting” the girl.

The child, who was wearing a yellow top and a white skirt, can be seen being kicked by her mother in the backside. The mother has since apologized in public.

You can watch the shocking mages of the incident below:

The video was filmed in the Chinese city of Hangzhou after Nio Nio, the 3-year-old girl, had been working all day.
The girl has been working as a fashion model for six motnhs, and she’s popular among online stores who need cute children to pose for their commercials and wear their products.

According to a shop owner, the girl had overworked, and the mother had taken “many orders” from various clients to make more money.

Experienced child models in China can earn up to $10-20 for each outfit they model, and they are required to complete one filming in about 4 minutes, which means they need to do 15 poses in an hour.

Chinese social media uploaded the footage of the incident yesterday, and millions of people have seen it since. Many people were shocked by what the mother did, and more than 360 million people saw it on China’s Weibo.

A shop called “Sweet Grandpa Baby”, one of Niu Niu’s clients, has condemned the parent, and many shops have removed photos featuring Niu Niu in protest to her mother’s behavior.

Niu Niu’s mother has since issued a public apology on Weibo.


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