Mother Was Told To Leave Her Daughter’s School Because Her Dress Was Too Short

Mother Was Told To Leave Her Daughter’s School Because Her Dress Was Too Short

Texas high school turned out a teenager on the registration day because her mother’s head scarf and t-shirt dress, apparently, didn’t meet the school’s dress code.

Joselyn Lewis, the mother of the 15-year-old student claims that she was refused entry at Madison High School in Houston when she went to enroll her daughter, and added that administrators told her that her dress was too short and her headscarf wasn’t up to dress code.

The mother initially thought that the school administrator had mistaken her for a student.

However, Lewis told KPRC that the administrator still told her that she couldn’t let her on the premises because she was not in dress code, and the mother still can’t understand what that meant.
She was told that her headscarf was out of dress code and her dress was too short.

The mother was wearing a headscarf because she was about to get her hair done, and her dress wasn’t shorter than her fingertips when her arms were by her side.

She refused to leave, to the staff called police to ask her to get off the school grounds. However, the mother still struggled to understand what was wrong with her outfit, and she added that her child’s education, and anyone’s child’s education should be more important than what someone has on.

She vowed to wear different clothes when she went back the following day to register her daughter, and the school hasn’t publicly commented about her claims.

There is no dress code listed on the school’s website for parents, however.


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