Mother`s Urgent Warning After Her 5-Year-Old Daughter “Dies After Eating Mini Eggs”

Mother`s Urgent Warning After Her 5-Year-Old Daughter “Dies After Eating Mini Eggs”

After her daughter choked to death on a Cadburry`s Mini Egg, a suffering mother is warning other parents about the dangers of these and similar chocolate treats.

She desperately wanted to get her message out there, especially before Easter arrives, so the death of her five-year-old girl “wouldn`t be in vain.”

The name of the girl was Sophie, she passed away after choking on a mini egg and her unnamed mother was not able to dislodge it, even with back slaps and pushing up under her ribs.

‘I had done a first aid course only six months prior to this event so all the techniques to help a choking child were still fresh in my mind but it didn’t help,’ the mother wrote for Mums Advice.

“Please watch your babies,” she finished the note.

Many parents were quick to respond by sharing their personal stores of similar experiences with the chocolate treat.

‘My son was around 5 when he was in his car seat nibbling on them and then he began to choke, my first instinct was to stick my finger in his mouth to dislodge it, luckily it worked’ – one wrote.

A worried Grandmother said: ‘I’ve bought these Easter eggs for my eight grandchildren. Wish I’d chosen something different now.’

And Nikki said: ‘My son does not have these even to this day. When he was three he choked on one. It completely blocked his air way, he could not make a sound. Everything slowed down.

‘Luckily I had attended a first aid course only two weeks earlier and with firm back slaps it dislodged and shot across the room.

‘I remember it like it was yesterday, yet it was over seven years ago. We were lucky, but reading this notice it makes me realize how so close to tragedy we were.’

There is a “Choking Hazard: This product is not suitable for children under four” warning on the Cadbury Mini Egg`s packaging.

Here is What to do if your child is choking in case you find yourself in a similar situation:


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