Muslim Preacher Says ‘It’s A Major Sin For A Wife To Refuse Her Husband’s Demands For Intercourse’

Muslim Preacher Says ‘It’s A Major Sin For A Wife To Refuse Her Husband’s Demands For Intercourse’

NSW Attorney General and feminists have expressed concern after a Muslim preacher declared that it was a ‘major sin’ for a wife to refuse to have intimate intercourse with her husband.
According to Nassim Abdi, a fundamentalist Sunni, a woman would be ‘cursed’ by the angels for withholding martial intimacy.

He told an Auburn mosque:

“If the husband calls the wife to be intimate and there’s no legitimate reason for the woman to say no, then she must answer the call of her husband. She must answer the call of her husband and if not she has committed a major sin. If the man calls the wife to bed and she refuses, the angels curse this woman and he sleeps with her whilst he’s angry, the angels curse her until she wakes up”

He preaches a seventh-century fundamentalist version of Salafist Islam from Saudi Arabia.

Eva Cox, a long-time feminist, described him as a ‘nutter’, and she added that Islam was not the only religion with fundamentalists who disrespect women’s rights.

She says that someone needs to inform this preacher that he’s preaching something which is illegal.

“Preaching something which is illegal maybe should be banned.
I’m sorry we’ve got these nutters.”

According to Catherine Lumby, Macquarie University research professor and a gender adviser with the National Rugby League, the sermon was a ‘hate speech’.

“That kind of speech should be investigated. I believe in freedom of speech but I believe in limits to freedom of speech where violence is being advocated. It is absolutely against the law in this country what he’s advocating.
It’s a form of hate speech.”

Both academics and feminists also added that fundamentalist Christians had described women as the sexual property of men too, and the sermon was not a reflection on all Australian Muslims.
Mr. Abdi had previously declared that parents should not allow their children to listen to music in the car, and that it is sinful for Muslim women to show their ears under their hijabs in public.

According to Attorney General Mark Speakman, Mr. Abdi’s remarks are a matter for the police.

“‘Non-consensual sex is a serious crime which should be reported to the police.”

“Respect for all women is a central value of Australian society.
The views expressed by this preacher are repugnant to those values.” – he adds.

The video titled ‘Prohibitions regarding intimacy in marriage’ has since been removed from YouTube.


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