News Anchor Responds To Male Viewer Who Told Her To Dress “Like A Normal Woman”

News Anchor Responds To Male Viewer Who Told Her To Dress “Like A Normal Woman”

According to Dr. Naomi Ellemers, men, as well as women, tend to establish the worth of individual women primarily by the way their body looks. “We do not do this when we evaluate men”, she wrote in Psychology Today, and she believes that this tendency to judge a woman solely based on her looks causes women to be seen as an object rather than a person.

She continued by saying that we are tempted to overlook their inner states, ignore markers of their intentions, beliefs, and desires as a result of focusing on their outwardly visible features, and we are less likely to empathize with their plight.

Women in the spotlight probably have it the worst when it comes to this. Serena Williams once won the French Open, but all the press wrote was about what she was wearing. To add to that, Hillary Clinton has constantly been criticized for what she wore or her hairstyle, rather than her accomplishments.

Maggie Vespa is a news reporter at KGW-TV in Portland, and she was criticized by a male viewer about how she dresses. However, she perfectly used the opportunity to talk about the double standards women face.

This is what the viewer wrote to her:

And the next day he sent her another message:

Maggie thought that the messages were absolutely dumb, and she went on to show photos of five different pairs of high-waist pants she wore in the week following the male viewer’s messages.
Her colleagues also got in on it, and they also wore high-waisted pants to show their support.

Check out Maggie Vespa’s brilliant response to the male viewer below:


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