No Need To Worry, Betty White Is Perfectly Fine!

No Need To Worry, Betty White Is Perfectly Fine!

The whole world deals with the global pandemic of the COVID-19, aka the coronavirus, and while most of the cases of COVID-19 are mild, there have also been many severe cases, and older people are more susceptible if they contract the virus.

Everyone has been told to take special care of them and especially their senior relatives, neighbors, and friends, and people on Twitter had one very important question in their minds: Is Betty White safe?

Many people tweeted their concerns for the 98-year-old legend last night and wanted to make sure that she’s okay, especially after news emerged that Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson tested positive for the virus.

Hundreds of tweets about Betty White caused her name to start trending on Twitter, and many people got scared that she might not be fine. I mean, can you blame them?

Well, here’s good news. Betty White is fine, and a representative just released a very short statement to Today confirming this. It reads:

Thankfully, a representative for Betty White just released a very short state to Today, and it reads:

Betty White is fine.

There we have it. Betty White is fine, and we must ALL make sure that we don’t accidentally spread unnecessary panic online!


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